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Welcome to the discography of the artist by the name of "Kay Vibes". Kay Vibes is a 25 year old Rap/Hip Hop artist with diversity in his catalog! Kay Vibes has done multiple shows in the states of Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, and Florida, with many more ahead. As an independent artist he is definitely making a name. Kay Vibes was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1997, was raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and recently moved to Seattle, Washington for better opportunities for his kids, music, and himself. He is a full time student at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA. He is currently majoring in Business Management hoping to one day own businesses and manage artists of his own. Music has been the passion of Kay Vibes since a very young age and started taking that passion very seriously in summer of 2012. Since then he has gained sponsorships, done live performances for sold out events, headlined for his own events, and gained over 100k streams globally and blowing up rapidly! He is constantly looking to expand his criteria when it comes to music production and recording. "I got into music  by being around it a lot as a child, even when I was a baby I still remember getting hype to DMX in the backseat of my mom and dads Mitsubishi Galant. I tried my input and it turned out I was actually really good at it. Positive input from other artists, friends, fans, etc. kept me in my grind mode and inspired me. With that being said, I've built a foundation as well as a family in the music industry. " Kay Vibes graduated from Westover High School in Fayetteville, NC in the year of 2015. He never stopped focusing on the industry. "I'm inspired by the people around me" he stated. "My peers, fans, and artists too, not even just the big ones; i'm essentially inspired by the people trying to make it just like myself. There's a music scene in every city with so many different talents and passions you'll always discover something or someone new." Kay Vibes believes he would be a great asset to the community with his passions and dreams to help others and focus on bettering himself to help better others. Giving them time to relax, stay out of trouble, and simply focus on living life. "I desire recognition for my family and myself as well. Not just for the money, but the dedication and hard work."